MS Flightsim Repair Tools

Here are some registry repair tools listed. These tools may be helpful for installer problems. They will help you to correct your flightsim path registry values and analyze some other problems.

FSX: The registry key of interest is the SetupPath in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\microsoft games\flight simulator\10.0


Firewall/anti virus Software

Nearly 90% of all problems with our online software is caused through these kind of third party softwares. So if you don’t get connected, started or properly installed, it is most probably caused by these softwares.

Problem Candidates

  • McAfee10 doesn’t allow to connect to Microsoft SimConnect module. See the forum. It is reported that McAfee11 has corrected this.
  • ZoneAlarm is generally not supported at FSFDT, see the manual. You need to be an expert to config this correctly, but you still will lose a lot of performance.
  • AVAST doesn’t allow FSInn in FS9 to connect automatically to the multiplayer, and doesn’t allow you to see other VATSIM aircraft.

Sometimes you need to deinstall these kind of software, turning them off isn’t always successful.

Missing FSCopilot entry in FSX menu

Probably you got firewalled! FSCopilot doesn’t get access to the FSX SimConnect module, based on TCP/IP protocol. On there is an article about this problem.

FSCopilot Chat Error

If you get Errors such Failed to create FSCopilotFSInn.Chat simply uninstall both FSInn and FSCopilot, then install FSCopilot. This time check the very first option available. Check if you want that the installer try to update your system files.(You may install VB6 runtime and VB6 common controls by yourself).

VB components are released by Microsoft, so no harm on your system files will be caused by selecting this option. If you prefer to download and install the files VIA Microsoft, follow this link: After this VB6 runtime and common controls installation you can proceed installing FSInn.

In addition you can verify your VB6 files with the FSFDTToolKit.exe tool. See the system tab for details.

Another simple solution: Open the FSInn UI outside of FS once from the Start/programes/fsfdt menu and open the chat. Close all and it should be solved.

Failed to create FSCopilotFSInn.Chat (WNDFS98MAIN=...)

Close your running FlightSimulator and run FSInnUI.exe from the system “Start” menu. This runs FSInn User interface outside of FS (you dont need to run FS while running FSInnUI). Open the chat while using FSInnUI. close everything and launch FS, it should be solved.

Runtime Error 372 about FSCopilotFSInn.ocx when running FSUI outside FSX

If you encounter this particular error, download the FSFDTToolkit on the top of this page, and run it, check the system tab, if you find a RICHTX32.ocx file on the System file part you should go in the folder indicated, and rename this file to something like RICHTX32.OCX.OLD don’t delete it in case you encounter troubles you might then rename it back again. After doing that try running FSInUI again and click on chat, it should then be working.

Quick Chat Problem

The text message generated when selecting the ALT button in quick text does not replace the $ALT with the variable Altitude. There’s a missing $ALT var definition in the SPEEDCHAT.TXT. One needs to edit the file and add this to the section:

$ALT Altitude

This will be fixed on next FSInn1.3 version. — Alexander 2007/03/25 22:17

Hardware Router

Linksys WRT54G: DirectPlay8 access isn’t possible, while UPnP is enabled. FSInn label stays orange. So just turn off the Upnp service on your router to get FSInn to work.

FSInn1.3/FSCopilot1.7 Vista - Error with VATSIMVL.OCX or opening Chat


  • PC1 = Vista + FSC + FSI
  • PC2 = XP + FSX or FS9 + FSC + FSI

PC1 Error:

  • FSFDTCP and FSFDTCPLite are poping a error
  • FSInnUI / Chat is poping a error

Solution doing such steps:

  • go programs/FSFDT/FSInn UI, right click on FSInnUI.exe, Properties, Tab Compatibility, select Execute the program as administrator, restart the software
  • go programs/FSFDT/Control Panel, right click on FSFDTCP.exe and FSFDTCPLite.exe, Properties, Tab Compatibility, select Execute the program as administrator, restart Control Panel
  • If FS is FS9, when FSInnUI starts, Firewall will ask if you want to allow FWInn , accept, and i was in air

Vista users, and FSInn testers , to help us, illustrate here how you succeeded to make FSInn work on vista, defining the needed security exceptions.


FSInn1.3/FSCopilot1.7 on XP - Could not install because it could not write the File Module/FSCopilot.dll

Solution: The solution to the problem I found was that the - setup path - for the FSX in the registery (regedit) was surrounded with double quotes. Therefore the FSCopilot1.7 could not append its own path..

Here a path (example) to be found in regedit:

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X I removed the double quotes and it installed fine. Have fun, Mike.

Or just use one of the tools to repair the installation path in the registry (click here) Alexander 2007/11/09 06:57

In addition, you open regedit, and type in the installation path, usually “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X” then rename the SetupPath ‘SetupPath’ It should now work

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